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Clinical Pathology

Best Choice Health

  • Supervise and manage pathology, microbiology and biochemistry laboratory.
  • Interpret laboratory finding and diagnosis to patients.
  • Assist histology and necropsy laboratories attending client’s needs by investigating and establishing new techniques and improving current ones.
  • Observe therapy services provide by speech language therapist, occupational and physical therapist.

Best Choice Medical Laboratory

Provides a wide range of lab tests with highest quality of service in the fields of:


Which includes CBC, ESR tests.

Clinical Chemistry Assay

Which includes Lipid Profile, Liver Profile, Kidney Function Test, Electrolyte Panel, Anemia Profile.

Clinical Pathology

Which includes urine microscopy and stool analysis.

Immunology and Serology

Which include lgE, screening test hepatitis B Virus, HIV, HCV, H. pylori, Influenza virus and streptococcus antigens.


Which includes thyroid profile fertility profile, bone profile, Vitamin D, insulin assays.